Buyers Guide

Buying A Home

I will help you find the right home, community, or neighborhood.

I understand that purchasing a home is a challenge, whether you’re coming from outside the region or moving locally. Tampa Bay has a lot of choices which can be overwhelming at times. These decisions that you need to make are very important and, if you have me as your agent, you can expect a knowledgeable and experienced agent who will help you understand all of your options, from city dwellings to acreages, waterfront properties, over 55 communities or the perfect home in one of Tampa Bay’s many suburbs and subdivisions. I will provide you with specifics and “insider information” about the schools, amenities, and more. Once you know the town, community, or neighborhood in which you want to live, we can turn our attention to the must-haves (or deal-breakers) for your new home.

Florida is known for Hurricane Season. The hurricane season always runs June 1 – November 30. View the Information Guide to learn about how this could affect you.

Living Style

The Tampa Bay Area has much to offer when it comes to Living Style. Whether it’s a Luxurious Upscale Condominium,55 & Over Living Communities, or a Wonderful Community with Great Schools, I will be your greatest resource.

I will help you find the right school(s) for your family.
Your choice of school can help you quickly narrow where you want to live. Often this is more important than one’s work location. Tampa Bay offers some of the best public schools in the country, while also having many private schools. For more information on Tampa Bay schools, both public and private, please refer to the Information Guide [link].

I can help you with mortgage pre-approval.
Knowing exactly what you can qualify for when looking for a home by getting pre-approved puts you in a position of confidence and strength when it’s time to negotiate for your home. I highly recommend getting pre-approved and can help it happen quickly.  Most sellers will direct agents not to bring them offers without Pre-Approval Letters.

Pre-approval shows the financial commitment a lender will make to you. This makes your offer more appealing to a seller when they recognize you are already approved for a loan (both for the amount and for the timeliness of selling their house). Getting pre-approved requires financial verification by the lender and gives sellers a sense of peace because there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.
Pre-qualification is a less-formal process between you and your lender. The lending institution estimates the amount you qualify for based solely on the information you provide to them but does not verify the information you provide. Once you apply for approval, the lender’s amount might vary significantly.
To a seller, a pre-approval letter is more certain than a pre-qualification letter. If a seller knows you’re financing is approved, it makes you a more appealing buyer.

Pre-approval also offers you these four benefits:

  • It Lets You (and then Me!) Know What You’re Working With
    Buying a home is a major investment, and most buyers choose to finance that purchase through a home mortgage. Getting pre-approved allows you to set a budget and communicate that budget to me. Then I will only show you homes within your budget because I know how valuable your time is.
  • It Makes You a Preferred Buyer
    We are currently in a seller’s market, which means that inventory is low and demand is high. As a prospective buyer, you need every advantage you can get. And one of the biggest advantages you can have is a mortgage pre-approval.

    Think of it this way: if there are two potential buyers for a home and only one of them is pre-approved, which one do you think the seller is going to be more interested in? It will almost always be the pre-approved buyer, as it’s the less-risky option for the seller.

  • It Gives You More Bargaining Power
    Being pre-approved also lends you some power in terms of bargaining and negotiating. Sellers who know that the buyer is already pre-approved for the offer amount may be more open to compromise to make the sure sale.

    Examples of these compromises could include having the seller cover closing costs or including a home warranty in the final sale. Being pre-approved makes it more likely that the seller will work with you.

  • It Speeds Up Closing Time reports that, on average, it takes approximately 50 days to close on a house. This is due to several reasons, one of them is waiting for mortgage approval. If you’re already pre-approved, you can speed up the process and move into your new home that much earlier (although it still takes about 30 days on average to close once financing is secured).

    The first step of closing is securing financing. Being pre-approved shows that this step is done and lets you move on to the next steps, such as getting the house appraised and inspected. This is especially useful if the seller wants to close sooner rather than later or if you’re trying to meet a deadline for move-in.

I will prepare an analysis of comparable sales to assist in determining an appropriate and fair price for the home. I will write an offer and discuss all of the terms and questions you may have before submitting it to the listing agent.

As your agent, I will handle all negotiations to obtain the best possible price and terms for you. Working together, I will negotiate Price, Move-In Date, and any additional terms (Additional property to be included, whether or not a home warranty should be included in the deal, etc.).

I will work with you to get you through the Close of the sale as easily and quickly as possible, including:

  •   Final Walk-Through
  •   Closing Statement Review
  •   Transfer of Utilities into Your Name
  •   Documentation You’ll Need to Provide at Close

Once all documents are signed and the financing/funding is guaranteed, you will receive the keys and possession to your new home!

The thing I want to stress here is that I work for YOU! I will work hard, negotiate on your behalf, and help take care of everything needed so you can get the keys to your new home as quickly as possible!